Klingspor Windpower

Klingspor started as early as 1994 to manufacture their Windpower line of grinding robots, hand-operated machines and abrasives for the treatment of the large rotor blades found on modern wind turbines. The shape and evenness of the surface on these rotor blades has tremendous effects on how well the wind turbine operates and may affect the wind flow in both a positive and a negative way.  The dimensions of today’s wind turbines are nothing short of awe-inspiring: The maximum blade length is around 65 m onshore and 85 m offshore, and they weigh about 25 tonnes. Modern rotor blades are usually made of fibre-reinforced plastic, which needs to be subjected to extensive reworking following production. 

Aside from ensuring a uniform scratch pattern, Klingspor’s grinding robots have also had a lasting impact on the worker's day-to-day routine: For one thing, Klingspor grinding robots can be operated by one person alone; the need for working on unsafe platforms or ladders has been eliminated for good. An integrated exhaust system prevents excessive accumulation of dust, thus protecting the health of the user.

Exporting these ground-breaking grinding robots world-wide, Klingspor Windpower guarantees maximum customer satisfaction by providing customer service with a team of highly trained technical experts.

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