Fibre disc

Vulcanised fibre discs (commonly known as: fibre discs) are round grinding wheels with a backing made of vulcanised fibre that is coated on one side with resin and abrasive grain. Fibre discs are fitted to suitable backing pads and used on angle grinders, predominantly for machining metal.
The safety requirements applicable to fibre discs and their backing pads are laid down in the EN 13743 standard. The maximum surface speed (maximum operating speed) for fibre discs is 80 m/s.

As they can be combined with a wide range of grain types and backing pad versions, fibre discs have a extensive scope of applications ranging from rough machining to finish grinding of surfaces. The benefits fibre discs offer over abrasive mop discs and grinding discs are the elasticity of the backing, resulting in excellent adaptability, a fine and uniform scratch pattern (compared to grinding discs) and, first and foremost, their more affordable price.

Their downsides in contrast with abrasive mop discs lie in their inferior service life and their relatively high sensitivity to moisture and temperature.

On account of the latter downside, we recommend the following for the use of fibre discs:

  • Storage at a medium relative humidity level of 45 – 65% [see Storage of abrasives]. If too high or too low, humidity will cause the discs to buckle.
  • Avoid overheating.

Overheating, e.g. by excess pressure of grinding on the spot, may cause burns and blistering on the backing, ultimately resulting in grain shedding.

Klingspor offers an extensive in-stock line of fibre discs with all common diameters (Ø50 – 235 mm) that come either with a single round hole or a star-shaped hole. The available products range from universal corundum discs for universal applications (CS 561) to zirconia alumina discs with or without multibond (CS 565/CS 570) for steel and stainless steel applications to premium discs with ceramic grains with or without multibond (FS 964 ACT/FS 966 ACT) for the machining of stainless steels and high-alloy steels. The product group is completed by matching hard, ribbed backing pads for heavy grinding (ST 358 A) and smooth, flexible pads for predominantly planar applications (ST 358). Applying leading-edge technology for cutting them, Klingspor can produce even custom shapes of their fibre discs, e.g. rosette or multi-corner shapes, or custom sizes for special applications with relative ease.

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