CS 396 Y Self-fastening support

Klingspor self-fastening replacement CS 396 Y – in a range of dimensions and form for

Orbital sanders which are the most common used handheld sanders of all. The typical way to attach the abrasive strips to the machine backing plate is to use the two clamps at the short ends of the backing plate. Another option are orbital sanders that come with abacking pad with self-fastening support, which are becoming increasingly popular. Hook and loop fasteners provides consistent adhesion of the abrasive to the backing plate. The abrasive paper will not flutter, but stay on firmly and securely. Before it can be used with a self-fastening support, abrasive paper must, however, be equipped with a velours backing. The Klingspor abrasive strips CS 396 Y make it possible to use any type of abrasive material with self-fastening support on orbital sanders that come with a clamping device. This feature is particularly useful if you

  • wish to use abrasive material with a self-fastening backing on orbital sanders that lack a self-fastening support,
  • need to cut the CS 396 Y to a custom size

CS 396 Y masters any challenges that crop up during the processing of material

Klingspor abrasive strips CS 396 Y are self-adhesive and can be attached quickly and with perfect ease. Located on the side turned away from the machine is a layer of velours that forms a firm fix with the self-fastening abrasive paper. Orbital sanders come in a variety of sizes. Manufacturers generally rely on customers to purchase the matching abrasive alongside their new orbital sander. Since they can be cut to custom sizes, the Klingspor CS 396 Y strips allow users to match any rectangular device to the perfect abrasive with self-fastening support. The hook and loop fastener allows for a quick change of the abrasive. The abrasive strips CS 396 Y are rectangular and feature a format that is based on the shape of customary orbital sanders. What is more, the CS 396 Y can also be supplied in any format and in any size. We will be glad to tell you the minimum order quantities necessary for these custom format and sizes.

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