Belt joints for long and short belts

Klingspor supplies belts with various types of joints. The type of joint you require depends on the work involved and the machine you are using. The following illustrations show the usual types of joint.

The available types of joint are listed in the product ­charts on the following product pages.

If the product you require is not in stock, we will ­manufacture it for you subject to a minimum order quantity.

Form 5
Type 5
Overlapping glued joint. Grit zone is completely ground off. Preferred joint for wood finishes with flat contact elements


Form 6
Type 6 G
Diagonal cut, butt joint with cloth-
reinforced foil glued on grit side. Grit zone is completely ground off. Use on machines with planar contact elements.


Form 7
Type 7 G
Sine joint, with cloth-reinforced foil backing, impact-free working­ at very sensitive parts, for ­demanding requirements.


Type 3 W/4 W
Special belt joint for non-woven web belts. Tape reinforced butt joint with additional frontal ­adhesion.