QMC 555 Backing pads

QMC 555 – backing pad with metal locking

The QMC 555 backing pad provides for the quick, easy and secure attachment of the Quick Change Discs included in the QMC series. The QMC 555 backing pad comes with an inside screw thread made of metal to ensure secure and fast attachment, which is also indicated by the “Q” for quick in the product name. When matched with the right Quick Change Disc, the QMC 555 backing pad is a good choice for use on

  • NF metal,
  • stainless steel,
  • high-alloy steel
  • as well as varnish, paint and filler.

Three hardnesses - soft, medium and firm - ensure that users will find the product that fits their application best. Harder backing pads allow for a high removal rate on the surfaces. The flexibility of a backing increases with its softness. This is why soft backing pads are the best choice for applications on profiled surfaces. In addition, they are an excellent option for fine sanding applications. Users who need to use the backing pad on a standard angle grinder can opt for an adapter that allows for safe and reliable sanding.

Backing pads for Quick Change Discs offer a host of benefits

One of the greatest advantages the backing pad for Quick Change Discs has to offer is immediately apparent. The quick change made possible by the plastic locking makes it a breeze to change the tool when the user requires a different grit. Releasing the backing pad from the chuck of the machine can be done in one easy step if an application calls for a different hardness. These qualities cut down set-up times and provide for more effective abrasive performance. The three hardnesses of the backing pad combined with the extensive selection of sizes allow for a wide variety of applications. The backing pads with QMC locking always perform with perfect safety and dependability thanks to their ease of use. Since they also offer exceptionally smooth operation, the backing pads also help users work over a long period without fatiguing. Meanwhile, they are also a major factor in achieving uniform sanding results. The permissible motor speed is 20,000 or 30,000 revolutions per minute - depending on the diameter of the backing pad. The larger the diameter, the lower the speed that needs to be selected.

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