CS 308 Y Belts with cloth backing for Stainless steel, Wood, Steel, NF metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing Y-polyester
Stainless steel
NF metals

Abrasive belt CS 308 Y – for clean and uniform machine sanding

The abrasive belt CS 308 Y by Klingspor has a clearly defined area of application - the sanding of hard materials with large machinery. It is equally applicable for long belt and wide belt sanders. It performs equally well when used with pedestal sanders. This premium product is recommended for sanding on

  • stainless steel,
  • wood and hardwood,
  • steel,
  • NF metal and
  • plastic.

Moisture-resistant abrasive belt with exceptional tear resistance

The abrasive belt CS 308 Y by Klingspor was engineered especially for machine sanding at a high removal rate. To ensure the durability and stability required for this type of application, the abrasive belt CS 308 Y has been manufactured with tear-resistant polyester as the backing material. This material allows for large-area sanding at a high rate of speed. The high portion of polyester contained in the backing material makes this abrasive ideal for work in environments with especially high humidity.

Abrasive belt CS 308 Y – for industrial use ranging from rough to finish sanding

The abrasive belt CS 308 Y by Klingspor comes with close grain coating. The grain used for this product is aluminium oxide. The abrasive material is bonded to the polyester belt by means of a synthetic resin blend. These properties make it the perfect solution for sanding edges and surfaces and for deburring metal. The abrasive belt CS 308 Y can be used even under higher loads.

Abrasive belt CS 308 Y – offering the perfect partnership between grit and material

The abrasive belt CS 308 Y is available in grit sizes ranging from low to medium. A medium grit size is recommended for surface stock removal or calibrating on wood. To produce an even smooth finish, it is advisable to use an abrasive material with a smaller grit size. The necessary width varies with the machine used.

The abrasive belt CS 308 Y comes with a close coating and ensures a high removal rate. Upon request, this premium abrasive belt can be supplied in sizes specific to the customers needs.

All prices exclude statutory value-added tax and are applicable to commercial customers only.