CS 329 JF Abrasive cloth, KULEX for Stainless steel, Steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Al. oxide agglom.
Coating Close
Backing JF-cotton
Stainless steel

Abrasive belt CS 329 JF – highly flexible for profiled workpieces

The abrasive belt CS 329 JF by Klingspor possesses a highly flexible backing and is distinguished by several advantages that include

  • durability combined with a long service life,
  • a surface finish of consistent quality and
  • superior suitability for sanding profiles.

The long-life abrasive belt can be used for a large variety of applications and combines well with a great number of machines.

Abrasive belt CS 329 JF – versatile sanding thanks to outstanding flexibility

The abrasive belt CS 329 JF by Klingspor comes with a highly flexible backing made of JF-cotton. Contouring perfectly to the workpiece at hand, this cloth backing is distinctly suitable for sanding contours. The abrasive material used for this product is an agglomerate consisting of aluminium oxide with a fully synthetic bond. The cloth backing, the fully synthetic resin bond and the abrasive material earn the highest marks with their durability and a long service life that is second to none. The long-life abrasive belt easily stands up to even the toughest loads and provides for a surface finish of consistently excellent quality. Its singular properties allow the abrasive belt CS 329 JF to produce a matte, satin scratch pattern. Its exceptional flexibility makes it ideal for sanding highly profiled parts with low and medium contact pressure.

Abrasive belt CS 329 JF – for dry grinding results with flawless accuracy

Especially designed by Klingspor for dry grinding applications, the abrasive belt CS 329 JF is perfectly suited for use in the stainless steel industry. It performs equally well when used for intermediate and finish sanding. The abrasive belt can be combined with

  • pedestal sanders,
  • long belt sanders and
  • profile sanding machines.

High quality sanding on a large variety of materials

The agglomerate made of aluminium oxide turns the abrasive belt CS 329 JF into the perfect abrasive for the surface finishing of hard materials. A fine choice for stainless steel and steel, it can also be used for sanding other types of metal. This long-life abrasive belt sets itself apart with its impressively high abrasive performance and the first-rate results it produces.

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