HF 100 B Carbide burrs

Carbide burr HF 100 B – end cut for special tasks

The burr HF 100 B is equipped with an end cut that makes it ideal for work on blind holes and end surfaces on inner contours. This carbide burr can be used on such varied materials as

  • construction steel,
  • NF metal,
  • highly heat-resistant materials, and
  • cast iron.

Designed with a cylindrical shape, the burr can be used with different “cuts” for such tasks as finishing or deburring workpieces. The additional end cut allows for end surface grinding with ultimate precision.

Different burr dimensions and a variety of cuts

Producing the best results on any material and geometry of the workpiece hinges on the choice of the right cut and the exact size of the carbide burr. This is why the carbide burr HF 100 B is available in a variety of models – their size and cut can be combined to match the requirements of the specific application. The selected cut is also put to use on the face side of this cylindrical burr. Besides the standard cut (Cut 2), which offers excellent finishing characteristics, the tool is also available with other types of cuts that deliver a high cutting performance (Cut 6), reduced loading (Cut 3) or characteristics that are ideal for work on stainless steel (Cut 11). Each carbide burr made by Klingspor undergoes a 100% final inspection before it ships. The inspection verifies dimensional accuracy and the flawlessness of cut and solder joints. This ensures a long lifetime as well as a high degree of safety during use.

Optimum speed range for precise results

The decisive factor for high removal rates and a long service life is the selected spindle speed. The optimum speed varies with the head diameter of the burr and the material to be processed. It is recommended to operate in a medium speed range to extend the life of the carbide burr. Speeds that are too low may cause the burr to bounce or the cutting edges to fracture. A rule of thumb is: The larger the head diameter, the lower the speed. To achieve the best possible results and maximum safety, the burr should be clamped at a length of at least 25 mm.

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