HF 100 G Carbide burrs

Burr HF 100 G for exact work results

Engineered as a carbide burr, the burr HF 100 G possesses the ideal requirements for processing hard materials. As it features a pointed arch-shaped design and a flattened tip, the tool demonstrates the same excellent performance when used for

  • deburring bore holes,
  • bevelling edges,
  • chamfering, and
  • smoothing weld seams

as well as for fine grinding surfaces and shaping workpieces. The burr HF 100 G can also be a useful helper when it comes to preparing parts that need to be fitted during assembly.

Stellar quality for a wide range of applications

Burrs made by Klingspor are subjected to a comprehensive quality regime throughout production. The inspection of every single solder joint and of the precision of the cut ensures that the products will last for a long time. Made of carbide metal, the burr HF 100 G excels at work on workpieces composed of NF metal, cast iron, construction steel and highly heat-resistant materials. This pointed arch-shaped milling tool comes in a variety of lengths and sizes as well as with a selection of shaft diameters and heights. These extensive options allow for a vast number of different applications. Better yet, Klingspor also offers this burr with two different cuts.

The optimum cut for the best possible work results

Just as essential to selecting the right burr as the size and shape of the burr is the type of the burr's cut. The number of teeth and the shape of the cut make this burr an excellent option for processing materials of varying strength. Klingspor makes the carbide burr HF 100 G available in multiple sizes and different cuts. Serration (Cut) 2 is the standard cut designed for universal use. It stands out with its excellent finishing properties. Burrs equipped with the Cut 6 double cut are also a great option for general applications. They operate with minimum vibrations and produce chips that are particularly small. The sum of these qualities guarantees improved handling. The burr HF 100 G satisfies the requirements set out in DIN 8032 and contributes to a high level of on-the-job safety.

All prices exclude statutory value-added tax and are applicable to commercial customers only.