HF 100 H Carbide burrs

Carbide burr HF 100 H – perfect for processing moulded parts

Thanks to its flame-shaped design, the HF 100 H offers the perfect solution to the task of processing moulded parts. The burr is available in a variety of

  • diameters,
  • lengths,
  • shaft diameters, and
  • heights

. The smaller the tool, the lower the permissible spindle speeds that may be used during work. The extensive selection of sizes makes it possible to adjust the tool perfectly to both the material to be processed and the workpiece.

Controlled quality for various areas of application

The carbide burrs by Klingspor are made with only the most premium materials. Every single burr undergoes close inspections throughout production. These inspections include a meticulous examination of all welded joints on the burr before the tool goes into production. This ensures both a long lifetime and a high safety standard of the products. Moulded parts made of construction steel, highly heat-resistant material or cast iron are workpieces that the carbide burr HF 100 H processes with exceptional results. If equipped with an appropriate cut (Cut 3), the burr can also be used for work on NF metal.

Efficient work performance with the proper cut

Boasting a flame-shaped design, the burr HF 100 H produces optimum results when used for processing moulded parts. Other possible applications for this milling tool are the grinding of contours, deburring and the removal of casting flash. The carbide burr also performs exceedingly well during such applications as fine grinding surfaces, chamfering and levelling weld seams. The burr HF 100 H proves equally useful when used for fitting jobs during assembly. Another factor impacting the areas of application besides the material and the shape of the burr is the cut selected for the burr. This burr is equipped with a double cut (Cut 6). This shape is a good option for general use on a variety of materials. Producing only small chips and minimum vibrations, this cut guarantees effortless handling. Key prerequisites for an efficient and consistent work performance are a high removal rate and the capacity of the tool to keep the physical strain on the operator as low as possible while performing milling work. The best performing tools - such as the burrs made by Klingspor - shorten the processing times, maintain a high safety standard, and factor in all aspects relevant to safety at work.

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