HF 100 set Carbide burrs

The HF 100 burr set by Klingspor – five premium carbide burrs for all types of applications

The 5 piece burr set HF 100 by Klingspor comprises the carbide burrs

  • HF 100 B,
  • HF 100 C,
  • HF 100 D,
  • HF 100 E, and
  • HF 100 F.

Since they all sport a double cut (Cut 6), these burrs are suitable for a large variety of general applications. Klingspor makes this handy burr set available in a screw lid box. It keeps the milling tools well protected while also making it a cinch to bring them along to the work site. To allow the user to determine at a glance if all burrs are present in the container, the screw lid box is fitted with a transparent lid.

Milling tools by Klingspor – Cut 6 – the mega seller

Klingspor manufactures their milling tools with different cuts to ensure compatibility with different materials and applications. The tools included in the 5 piece burr set HF 100 have been given a double cut, which produces smaller chips than other types of cuts. This makes these burrs particularly easy to handle. Another major advantage of these carbide burrs is that they produce only minimal vibrations. This quality makes them also ideal for extended use, e.g. during work on series production parts. Carbide burrs made by Klingspor are predominantly used in the difficult-to-access areas of workpieces. This application is where they deliver their best stock removal performance and demonstrate that they have been manufactured to the highest standards of quality. All carbide burrs made by Klingspor undergo an exhaustive final inspection that includes a thorough visual inspection of all welded joints on the burr. This end-to-end inspection allows Klingspor to guarantee a long lifetime and the safety of their products.

Klingspor HF 100 set with double cut – a handy set of standard equipment

The 5 piece burr set HF 100 engineered by Klingspor provides every craftsman with five versions of exceptionally high-quality milling tools. Housed in a convenient screw lid box, this set covers a large number of applications and can be used for processing the most varied types of workpieces. This lets it fit in seamlessly with any standard equipment.

All prices exclude statutory value-added tax and are applicable to commercial customers only.