HF 100 Steel Carbide burrs

HF 100 Steel – set of burrs for metalworking

The set HF 100 Steel by Klingspor comprises burrs that offer a serration optimised for processing steel and cast steel. The used high-performance toothing shows a significantly higher cutting performance than the usual standard cross-toothing. The set is a 5-piece set of burrs that comes in Klingspor’s handy screw box and includes:

  • HF 100 A,
  • HF 100 C,
  • HF 100 D,
  • HF 100 F, and
  • HF 100 L.

The box allows for the secure storage of the carbide burrs. This product comes in handy during both professional and commercial applications and the realisation of projects undertaken by do-it-yourselfers.

HF 100 Steel – controlled quality for demanding jobs

The set of burrs benefits from the same stringent quality standards to which Klingspor manufacturers all of their products. The burrs are subjected to a comprehensive inspection which includes a thorough examination of every single welded joint. The result of this quality assurance is the guarantee of a long service life and maximum safety for the user of the burrs. Klingspor specifies an optimum range of speeds for their products that varies with the diameter of the head and the material to be processed. If the machine is operated within the specified ranges, users can expect a long service life and results of the highest possible quality. All important information in this regard is already included on the product packaging.

High-performance teeth with superior qualities

Equipped with a high performance serration, this set of burrs delivers a high performance cut that has been optimised for steel processing applications. It shows a noticeably higher material removal and thus supports a speedy way of working Aside from carrying the HF 100 Steel, Klingspor’s product selection includes a great many additional burrs and sets of burrs with different cut types. These include standard cut, aluminium and double diamond cut. This wide selection covers a huge range of applications. As an added service to their customers, Klingspor is also offering additional cut types on request.

All prices exclude statutory value-added tax and are applicable to commercial customers only.