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Powerful milling and levelling of surfaces and shapes

The carbide burrs in Klingspor’s product selection possess all the properties that are appreciated by demanding users. The different cuts and sizes of these Klingspor products are sure to cover all requirements necessary to process specific materials and workpieces. Users benefit from the consistently high quality of the carbide burrs as well as from a product range that is exhaustive and guaranteed to offer the right solution for demanding tasks of all kind. The general benefits of the products include their exceptional aggressiveness and cutting performance combined with improved chip removal and less thermal stress on tool and workpiece. Buyers of carbide burrs prefer Klingspor.

Carbide burrs with the right cut for all types of application

The carbide burrs sold by Klingspor are available with, among others, a standard, double and high-performance cut. The best choice for day-to-day tasks and a wide range of other applications are carbide burrs that come with a universal cut. This cut is Klingspor’s standard cut and offers outstanding finishing properties. The aluminium cut is the right option whenever users need to work on soft and long-chipping materials. Apart from aluminium and other NF metals, these materials also include plastic. The user benefits from a high removal rate and reduced loading.

The double cut is also suited for general applications and offers the additional advantages of improved handling and producing exceedingly small chips. What is more, this tool can be used comfortably with minimum vibrations.

The high-performance “steel” cut is equipped with a toothing that has been optimised for steel processing. This type of carbide burr delivers a stock removal rate that is substantially higher than that of a standard cut.

The high-performance “INOX” cut is suited perfectly to master the challenges involved with processing austenitic steel as well as stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion and acid. This cut, again, delivers a considerably higher stock removal rate compared to a standard cut. This can be attributed to a specially optimised burr geometry. As an added benefit, the formation of heat tinting is minimal.

Highly versatile for a large number of different materials and applications

The carbide burrs included in Klingspor’s product range are ideal companion products for the flexible shaft and other standard tools. Key to their versatility is their usability for a wide variety of materials. These include

  • Steel
  • Metal
  • Plastic

They are available in different shapes and dimensions and with and without an end cut. The burr in the shape of a dovetail and without end cut is, for instance, recommended by Klingspor for work on inner edges that are difficult to access. The pointed cone burrs are essential for deburring jobs and ideal tools for work on conical holes and grooves. The cylindrical burrs with end cut are designed to work on blind holes and end faces of inner contours. In summary, there is a matching carbide burr for any type of job.

The work steps that can be completed with these tools include edge bevelling and the deburring of bore holes. These types of application bring to the fore the excellent quality of Klingspor’s carbide burrs. Those who need multiple burrs and wish to store them in the same location can opt for a burr set. Stored in a safe and convenient storage box, carbide burrs with different specifications for a multitude of applications are always readily available.