DT 300 UT Extra Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Construction materials, Concrete, Roof tiles

Suitable for wet and dry use Turbo segment
Class Extra
Segmentation Turbo continuous rim
Design Sintered
Service life
Construction materials
Roof tiles
Building construction
Construction businesses

Diamond cutting blade DT 300 UT Extra

Suitable for universal use, the diamond cutting blade DT 300 UT Extra by Klingspor offers scores of benefits and constitutes the ideal all-around tool for roofers. Users opting for this tool will benefit from its

  • excellent cutting performance,
  • clean and chip-free edges and
  • a great price-performance ratio.

The turbo rim of this diamond cutting wheel is continuous and provides for exceptionally smooth operation, allowing the user to produce clean and precise work results on mineral-based materials.

Perfect for the construction site

The diamond cutting blade DT 300 UT Extra is the ideal tool for the construction site as it will cut any type of construction materials as well as concrete and roofing tiles. It is also a recommended option for do-it-yourselfers as well as for all users who expect their tools to live up to professional standards. During use, this cutting blade included in Klingspor's 300 Extra line convinces with its medium level of aggressiveness, delivering good processing times and satisfactory service life. This diamond cutting blade is intended for use in combination with an angle grinder and comes in a variety of diameters. A maximum permissible speed must be observed for each of these diameters. Printed directly on the cutting blade are the areas of application along with safety instructions, the maximum operating speed, safety standards, the maximum permissible rotational speed and the type of product line as well as other useful information and the product designation.

Certified safety by Klingspor

Klingspor's diamond tools are constantly improved and perfected, while the in-house production process ensures that the core and the segments are perfectly matched to guarantee the best possible performance for the corresponding application. All Klingspor cutting blades have been certified according to the stringent criteria of the oSa and offer the user a high level of safety during use. They also meet the requirements set out in the EN 13236.

All prices exclude statutory value-added tax and are applicable to commercial customers only.