DS 600 S Supra Diamond cup grinding wheels for angle grinders for Concrete, Firebrick, Natural stone, Masonry, Brickwork

Suitable for dry use
Class Supra
Segmentation Standard
Design Brazed
Service life
Natural stone
Building construction
Concrete plants
Floor tilers
Natural stone businesses

Diamond cup grinding wheel DS 600 S Supra

The quality label Supra identifies this diamond cup grinding wheel as a professional diamond tool that has been designed for daily use. It reliably delivers rugged performance at an excellent price-performance ratio. The cup grinding wheel has been developed for work on

  • natural stone,
  • masonry,
  • brick,
  • concrete and
  • firebrick

. Its operation with minimum vibrations makes the worker's life much easier - especially during work over an extended period.

Characteristics of the diamond cup grinding wheel DS 600 S Supra

The special fan-shaped opening of the cup grinding wheel provides for excellent dust removal. The diamond cup grinding wheel owes its low weight to the special geometry made up of lightweight steel. The soldered standard segmentation allows for a rapid feed rate and ensures cuts with perfect precision. This lets the cup grinding wheel deliver rugged performance at relatively high aggressiveness and long service life. Intended for use on angle grinders, the product stands for perfect results in road building as well as construction above and below ground. Workers in these industries use it to sand and grind down surfaces, for levelling work and for grinding surfaces to remove residual paint or coatings. To ensure safe processing of natural stone and other materials with the diamond cup grinding wheel DS 600 S Supra, the product conforms to European safety standard EN 13236. What is more, both production and production testing are subject to the guidelines established by the oSa. The oSa is an association of manufacturers who are dedicated to improving the safety of cutting and grinding tools.

Working safely with the diamond cup grinding wheel

Work with a diamond cup grinding wheel always produces abrasive dust. This is why hands, eyes and the respiratory tract need to be protected with appropriate equipment. Furthermore, processing materials such as natural stone with an angle grinder will generate noise. This is why wearing hearing protection is imperative. Just as important as selecting a tool suitable for processing the corresponding material is checking if the cup grinding wheel is damaged in any way. Damaged cup grinding wheels must not be used any longer.

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