DZ 114 Adapter M14

DZ 114 by Klingspor – the M14 adapter for diamond cup grinding wheels

The adapter M14 DZ 114 has been designed to convert holes with a diameter of 22.23 millimetres to M14 in order to accommodate, among others, the following diamond cup grinding wheels:

  • DS 300 B Extra,
  • DS 600 A Supra,
  • DS 600 B Supra,
  • DS 650 PKD Supra,
  • DS 900 PKD Special or
  • DS 600 S Supra.

The adapter can be used to make Klingspor’s diamond cup grinding wheels for angle grinders fit into M14 mounting holes – for maximum safety at the level of efficiency customers have come to expect.

Adapting the hole to the size of the thread – quickly and safely

The manufactured and stored diamond cup grinding wheels possess only the most common dimensions. Since a large number of uniform products can be stored in a way that is efficient and economical, they can be made available in an exceedingly short time. This is why Klingspor has settled on the best possible compromise with regard to their highly efficient diamond cup grinding wheels: When combined with the adapter M14, a hole diameter of 22.23 millimetres allows the cup grinding wheel to be fitted securely on nearly every angle grinder made by brand name manufacturers. This combination allows professionals working in road building or construction above and below ground to tap the full potential of these aggressive and long-lasting cup grinding wheels. The heat-resistant and shape-retaining stainless steel of the adapter M14 DZ 114 was selected and processed in a way that keeps the diamond cutting blade securely fastened even in the harshest conditions and during continuous use and yet lets the user loosen it without effort when it needs to be changed.

Secure attachment for diamond cutting blades thanks to the adapter M14

The adapter M14 DZ 114 clamps the diamond cup grinding wheel with the help of a nut that comes with a fine pitch thread. This ensures that the tensioning force is distributed over a much larger surface than would be possible with a metric thread. Another benefit is a reduced pitch angle. In consequence, the adapter M14 DZ 114 provides for safe and secure attachment. The diamond cup grinding wheel can neither become loose nor twisted when used properly. This has been tested and confirmed in endurance tests carried out by Klingspor's developers.

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