ABH 80 Hole starting aid

Hole starting aid ABH 80 for professional diamond dry drill DB 600 F

For drilling on particularly hard materials such as

  • tiles,
  • granite tiles,
  • stoneware and
  • glazed stove tiles

the hole starting aid ABH 80 is the ideal complement to the professional diamond dry drill DB 600 F. This aid for hole starting made by Klingspor makes it a cinch to position the diamond drill bit safely in the right place. This will keep the drill from slipping on smooth surfaces such as hard stoneware or glazed tiles and keep it reliably in place as it provides for secure guiding of the tool. Just like a hand-operated drill stand, the hole starting aid furthermore contributes to a soft start of the drill.

Using the hole starting aid with ease and safety

The hole starting aid ABH 80 for the diamond dry drill DB 600 F is equipped with a vacuum cup base and can be mounted quickly and securely – it will stay in place on all smooth and level surfaces. Moistening the base briefly before attaching it will further increase the suction force. The aid for hole starting ABH 80 is made of high-quality stainless steel. This choice of material makes it resistant to corrosion and impervious to damage from the tools used. Thanks to the hole starting aid spot drilling with pinpoint accuracy no longer requires the use of a centre bit. For tilers, plumbers and other craftsmen working in the building sector and in stone cutting the ABH 80 model has become an indispensable tool that offers them maximum convenience. Its width of 55 mm is perfectly matched with a professional diamond dry drill such as the model DB 600 F Supra.

Hole starting aid for reduced mounting times and enhanced work results

The use of an aid for hole starting, such as the model ABH 80, in combination with a dry cutting drill bit allows for quick installation in hard materials. The shorter mounting times have their share in producing more efficient work results. This increase in efficiency also comprises a reduction in material damage. Unsteady guidance of the tool may lead to severe damage - especially during drilling into high-quality products and wall and floor coverings that have already been installed. The hole starting aid ABH 80 reduces the disk of damage to a minimum.

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