DK 600 F Supra Dry drill bit for Stoneware, Tiles, Stove tiles

Suitable for dry use
Class Supra
Design Vacuum-brazed
Stove tiles
Floor tilers
Heating, plumbing
Kitchen cabinet makers

Work on stoneware with ultimate precision – die Klingspor dry drill bit DK 600 F Supra

The dry drill bit DK 600 F Supra reliably cuts holes into

  • stoneware,
  • tiles,
  • stove tiles and
  • a great many other mineral-based materials.

This versatility makes the dry drill bit DK 600 F Supra ideally suited for tilers and craftsmen working in different sectors and contributes to a professional result and maximum safety during their daily work routine.

Full power without cooling – the dry drill bit for all common angle grinders

For burr-free drilling without cooling with water: The dry drill bit DK 600 F Supra cuts through tiles, stove tiles or stoneware with perfect ease. The bursting, cracking or splintering of tiles and stone slabs are all things of the past. The maximum permissible speed is 13,000 revolutions per minute, which provides for stock removal that is both fast and exact. The result is clean edges and precisely drilled holes. The dry drill bit DK 600 F Supra has been designed for use with angle grinders. The dry drill bit is available with multiple dimensions. Six of the most common dimensions are available as a set that comes in a convenient aluminium case.

Diamond tool by Klingspor: The dry drill bit DK 600 F Supra

To improve their diamond tools even further, Klingspor has invested heavily in research and development. After all, the expenditure must be offset by long service life at consistently excellent quality. Factors of key importance for the effectiveness and durability in diamond abrasives are the orientation, bonding and consistency of the diamonds. The result: It is no coincidence that the dry drill bit DK 600 F Supra made by Klingspor is considered one of the world’s best products in its class. Its ultra efficiency makes it an exceptionally economical product.

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