DK 600 F Supra Set Dry drill bit set for Stoneware, Tiles, Stove tiles

Suitable for dry use
Class Supra
Design Vacuum-brazed
Stove tiles

Precise holes in stoneware: 6 piece dry drill bit set DK 600 F Supra

The different dry drill bits included in the DK 600 F Supra Set cut into even the hardest mineral-based materials with utmost precision. They are particularly well suited for work on

  • stoneware,
  • tiles or
  • stove tiles.

The accurately drilled holes will safely accommodate 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm screw anchors. The kit is a useful helper for tilers, maintenance engineers or generally anyone working in the construction sector who needs to install cable bushings or fasteners capable of reliably withstanding the stress to which they are subjected.

6 piece dry drill bit set DK 600 F Supra – flawless holes with an angle grinder

The dry drill bits DK 600 F Supra cut effortlessly through hard stoneware and tiles. Better yet, there is no water required for cooling. Speeds of up to 13,300 revolutions per minute can be reached without a hitch. This outstanding performance allows for reliable off-hand guiding and centring with pinpoint accuracy. Exerting gentle pressure is enough to allow the premium diamond abrasive grains to evenly work their way through the material. The result is clean edges and precise holes. The material will show no cracks, bursts or fissures. Users will no longer have to fear the trouble and expense involved with replacing individual tiles. Klingspor also offers an excellent alternative for use with a drilling machine: The diamond drills included in the DB 600 F Supra series have been designed for diameters of 6 to 14 mm. The corresponding set offers a comprehensive selection as well.

A must-have for tilers: Everything at hand in one handy set

The diamond drill bits contained in this 6 piece set offer a swift and neat way to prepare the necessary work steps. The most commonly needed drill sizes can be accessed in one easy move - and without any time-consuming rummaging. If the conditions on site are other than expected, users have all important sizes at their immediate disposal. The sturdy and convenient aluminium case keeps the diamond tools perfectly protected against impact. What is more, the commonly used 6 mm and 8 mm diameters come with a backup: If one of the tools is facing a challenging job, a replacement tool is standing ready if the need for it arises.

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