DK 654 B Supra 1 ¼“ UNC Female drill bit for Concrete

Suitable for wet use Laser welded
Class Supra
Segmentation Standard
Design Laser welded
Service life
Building construction
Concrete plants
Heating, plumbing

High aggressiveness: Drill bit with R ½“ connection UNC DK 654 B Supra for concrete

The drill bit with R ½“ connection UNC DK 654 B Supra by Klingspor is an exceptional option for fast drilling into mineral-based materials, especially

  • concrete.

Its performance and ruggedness make the drill bit with R ½“ connection UNC DK 654 B Supra an indispensable tool in construction above and below ground as well as in road building. The premium diamond abrasives provide for even and effortless stock removal on concrete.

Drill bit with R ½“ connection UNC DK 654 B Supra: Very fast cutting – long service life

The drill bit with R ½“ connection UNC DK 654 B Supra drills into concrete with superior speed and reliability. Its first-rate aggressiveness ensures excellent controllability without requiring too much force. Its outstanding service life makes this drill bit an ideal tool for continuous operation at the construction site. It can be clamped into many electric or hydraulic machines that come with a 1¼“ thread - a drill stand should be used for this purpose. This product always guarantees the full level of the required on-the-job safety - even when used for drilling large hole diameters of up to 300 millimetres. The drill bit conforms to European safety standard EN 13236. As an alternative to the DK 654 B Supra model, customers can decide on the model DK 612 B Supra with a ½“ thread adapter and a diameter of up to 200 millimetres. Users in need for a tool capable of continuous operation under the most extreme conditions will find their match in the DR 912 B Special model, which is available for hole diameters of up to 52 millimetres.

Powerful diamond tools for the highest requirements

Klingspor has managed to improve the performance of their diamond tools significantly after years of research and development. Klingspor offers the matching spare parts if the roof-shaped segments become damaged: The replacement segment DE 600 B can substitute individual segments in a snap.

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