RFR 654 Flexible abrasives for Stainless steel, Steel, NF metals, Aluminium, Plastic

Bonding agent Plastic
Grain Aluminium oxide/SiC
Stainless steel
NF metals

Highly versatile when used on a slow speed bench grinder – the Klingspor R-flex wheel RFR 654

The R-flex wheel RFR 654 by Klingspor is extremely versatile. It is used for processing a variety of materials:

  • stainless steel,
  • steel,
  • NF metal,
  • aluminium,
  • plastic, and
  • glass.

Creating a matt finish, deburring and finishing with just one tool? No problem – the R-lex wheel RFR 654 adapts perfectly to the requirements of each individual work step. Its flexibility and suitability for universal use allow it to do an outstanding job when paired with a slow speed floor-standing grinder.

For even stock removal: variable grit sizes and a flexible bond

To ensure uniform stock removal during grinding on stainless steel, metal or plastic, the abrasive grains of the R-flex wheel RFR 654 adapt to the workpiece. The synthetic bonding agents are held together by elastic structures. These structures allow the profile of the abrasive wheel to conform perfectly to the shape of the workpiece - even if it possesses irregular contours. The even pressure distribution between abrasive surface and workpiece provides for even abrasion. The wear characteristics of the elastically supported abrasive grains are much more constant than those of non-flexible abrasive. These characteristics significantly extend the usability of the R-flex wheel RFR 654 by Klingspor. Available with different bonding hardnesses and grit sizes. Adjustments to the grain composition make it possible to match the highly versatile abrasive wheel RFR 654 precisely with the material to be processed and the specific requirements of the job.

Excellent service life and shape stability from beginning to end

The R-flex wheel RFR 654 stands out with its long service life and robustness. To support the automation processes applied in industrial environments, Klingspor attaches prime importance to consistent quality and durability. This level of quality helps successfully minimise the downtime otherwise required for maintenance and tool changes. The R-flex wheel RFR 654 reliably retains its shape until it is used up. The carefully tested and refined materials will effortlessly stand up to the heat naturally generated by grinding processes until the materials are completely exhausted.

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