A 60 Extra Kronenflex® cutting-off wheels for Stainless steel, Metals

Class Extra
Bonding agent Synthetic resin, fibre-reinforced
Grain Aluminium oxide
Service life
Stainless steel
Apparatus and container manufacturing
Locksmith's shop
Metal construction
Plant engineering
Railing construction
Stainless steel processing industry

A 60 Extra – thin cutting-off wheel for stainless steel

The cutting-off wheel A 60 Extra is used for cutting such materials as

  • stainless steel and
  • metal

and impresses with minimum burr formation. This makes it possible to cut the workpieces neatly. The results will measure up to professional standards. The benefits of this Extra class product include the low thermal load it generates during cutting jobs and its outstanding price-performance ratio. This cutting-off wheel is marked by high aggressiveness and exceedingly long service life - as well as perfectly matched hardness. The cutting-off wheel is available with a flat design to make it ideal for use on an angle grinder. The product is packaged in quantities of ten wheels in a convenient tin with viewing window.

The right cutting-off wheels for universal use

The A 60 is a cutting-off wheel that is categorised in the Extra performance class. Klingspor uses this product category to offer products that are best suited for universal use. They perform equally well in professional environments and during ambitious do-it-yourself projects. All cutting tools grouped in this quality class feature grains of only the highest quality. All of them are made synthetically to guarantee outstanding and consistent quality. Their other key components include resins and filler materials. When selecting these materials, Klingspor focuses on the best possible product characteristics, ensuring that they are perfectly matched with the requirements of each specific use case in terms of stability, cutting performance, hardness and burst resistance. The final product allows for excellent results in real-world use. Ideal storage conditions include keeping the wheel from being exposed to excessive moisture. Proper storage ensures that the service life will remain unchanged and that the user will produce impeccable results for a long time. Equally essential to optimum performance is proper handling. The key aspect in this regard is to operate at speeds ranging at the upper permissible limit and to apply appropriate tool pressure.

All prices exclude statutory value-added tax and are applicable to commercial customers only.