A 946 TZ Special Kronenflex® cutting-off wheels for Steel, Stainless steel

Free of iron, sulphur and chlorine Up to 40% more performance
Class Special
Bonding agent Synthetic resin, fibre-reinforced
Grain Aluminium oxide
Service life
Stainless steel
NF metals
Apparatus and container manufacturing
Locksmith's shop
Metal construction
Plant engineering
Railing construction
Stainless steel processing industry

Kronenflex cutting-off wheel – A 946 TZ Special for stainless steel

With the Kronenflex cutting-off wheel A 946 TZ Special, Klingspor is offering another premium product for work on

  • steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • NF metal and
  • castings.

Among its many advantages is the fact that the wheel is free of iron, sulfur and chlorine. This makes Kronenflex cutting-off wheels suitable for universal use in metalworking and lets them deliver an extra long service life in all applications. Work can be finished fast with these wheels. Cutting times are minimal. Another benefit to the user is the minimum burr formation and marginal thermal load produced by this product. Klingspor makes this product available as a member of the Special performance class for highly demanding applications in the commercial sector.

Kronenflex cutting-off wheels for all types of applications

Users opting for the Kronenflex cutting-off wheel A 946 TZ Special can choose from an abundance of versions designed to cover a great many everyday tasks. The difference between them lies in the diameter of the cutting-off wheel, which Klingspor offers with a flat or depressed centre shape. the differences in the permissible speed on the angle grinder must always be taken into account. All other relevant information is included on the label. The cutting-off wheels are packaged in units of 25 and are protected in the Kronenflex tub. The tub keeps the cutting-off wheel perfectly protected from moisture, preserving the full performance capacity of the product.

Cutting-off wheels for challenging special applications

The cutting-off wheel A 946 TZ Special is a high-performance product for special applications that will deliver maximum performance in any of its intended applications. Klingspor relies on synthetic grain for the manufacture of this product as it guarantees consistent sanding results even on the most demanding materials. Just as premium as the grain are the resins and filler materials used for this product. Klingspor blends all of these components to perfection. The result is exceptional stability combined with excellent machining performance. Klingspor uses glass fibre cloths for additional reinforcement, allowing the cutting-off wheel to withstand high lateral forces.

All prices exclude statutory value-added tax and are applicable to commercial customers only.