C 16 R Supra Kronenflex® cup grinding wheels for Stone, Concrete

Class Supra
Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC
Service life
Stonemason businesses

Kronenflex cup grinding wheel C 16 R Supra for stone and concrete

The Kronenflex cup grinding wheel C 16 R Supra offers exceptional abrasive properties for work on such materials as

  • castings,
  • stone,
  • concrete and
  • other mineral-based materials. \The benefits of this cup grinder include its high aggressiveness, appropriate hardness and excellent ease of use. The C 16 R Supra cup grinding wheel has proven its worth during grinding on both the surfaces and the edges of mineral-based materials. This field of application is where the strengths of the coarse and synthetically made SiC grain come into play: This grain makes it a breeze to process stone and concrete with ultimate speed and impressive quality. Long service life is ensured throughout the useful life of the product. These qualities are appreciated by professional users for their assignments .

Kronenflex cup grinding wheel

There is simply no better option for processing stone/concrete than the Kronenflex cup grinding wheel C 16 R Supra. This abrasive covers all essential areas such as edge bevelling and deburring as well as the grinding of surfaces. This versatility allows craftsmen to finish a wide variety of tasks with only one cup grinding wheel. Customers benefit from Klingspor’s extensive selection of cup grinding wheels that is sure offer a model for every application. Klingspor attaches prime importance to quality when selecting the grain, the bond and the perfect blend of different components. Klingspor cup grinding wheels make short work of universal and special tasks alike.

Work safely in any conditions

Aside from an excellent grinding result, the Kronenflex cup grinding wheel C 16 R Supra affords users the proven safety for which all Klingspor products are known. The grinding discs and cup grinding wheels are tested according to the strict oSa guidelines and also comply with the EN 12413 safety standard. To ensure this high level of safety in everyday use, it is imperative to select the best possible abrasive. Safe and optimum results require that the user observe the permissible speed / motor speed of the cup grinding wheels.

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