C 24 R Supra Kronenflex® grinding discs for Stone, Concrete

Class Supra
Bonding agent Synthetic resin, fibre-reinforced
Grain SiC
Service life
Gardening and landscaping
Stonemason businesses

C 24 R Supra – Kronenflex grinding disc for stone and concrete

The Kronenflex grinding disc C 24 R Supra truly shines on

  • stone,
  • concrete and
  • mineral-based materials,

where it is guaranteed to produce perfect results. They are an equally fine choice for surface grinding as well as for edge bevelling. This wide range of usability covers a large number of work steps needed for processing stone and concrete. Thanks to their high aggressiveness, which they will retain throughout their lifetime, the discs deliver a maximum removal rate, resulting in flawless results no matter for which task they are used. Better still, the grinding discs will also maintain an optimum ratio of service life to stock removal all through their useful life.

For a high removal rate – aggressive silicon carbide grain

The Kronenflex grinding discs C 24 R Supra for stone/concrete are furnished with SiC grain to provide for a high removal rate. The structure of this grain is coarse and sharp, resulting in a high level of aggressiveness. Since SiC grain is also friable, grains that have become dull will be shed from the structure. Dull grain thereby makes room for new and sharp grain. All grain used by Klingspor is the product of a synthetic manufacturing process. The grain is therefore guaranteed to retain its qualities and produce the same excellent results throughout its lifetime even if subjected to heavy-duty applications.

Kronenflex grinding discs – tested according to oSa guidelines

The Kronenflex grinding discs C 24 R Supra for stone/concrete are available in different diameters to ensure compatibility with a wide range of machines. Just as all other grinding discs, Klingspor subjects these abrasives to testing as per the rigorous guidelines set out by the oSa. The acronym oSa stands for Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives. Founded in 2000 by leading abrasives manufacturers - Klingspor among them - hailing from different European countries, this association pursues the goal of establishing and improving on the safety standards applicable to abrasives tools. Products bearing the oSa trade name are therefore guaranteed to be particularly safe and high quality. The Kronenflex grinding discs C 24 R Supra furthermore comply with all provisions of European safety standard EN 12413.

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