NBF 800 File belts for Stainless steel, NF metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Stainless steel
NF metals

Klingspor non-woven web NBF 800 – the specialised product for surface conditioning

The Klingspor non-woven web NBF 800 is a product specially designed for surface conditioning on stainless steel. It offers a host of advantages:

  • Wide range of application options
  • Exceptionally stable
  • Long service life
  • Water-resistant

It also as a file belt that can be used equally well on hand tool belt grinders and various other types of sanding machinery.

Non-woven web NBF 800 – special product for applying a consistent scratch pattern

The non-woven web NBF 800 is a special product that is distinguished by the exceptional flexibility it owes to its non-woven backing. Ultra strong and flexible, the non-woven web is marked by its extra long service life and the consistently high surface quality of the workpieces. Used for surface conditioning, its edge stability holds up to even the most demanding applications. The file belt will not fray at the edge even during frequent use. The abrasive material used is aluminium oxide combined with a synthetic resin bond. The abrasive material is durable and tough at the same time. It is blocky and has an irregular shape. Its abrasive performance is particularly aggressive. Delivering a high stock removal rate, the aluminium oxide allows the user to work with ultimate efficiency. Another advantage of the non-woven web is its minimum clogging. The swarf is almost completely expelled from the sanding area. Resistant to water, the non-woven web is an excellent choice for both wet and dry grinding applications.

Non-woven web NBF 800 for a wide array of applications

The non-woven web NBF 800 is designed for hand and machine sanding. Aside from use as a file belt for belt sanders, the product can also be combined with sanding machines and is ideal for

  • Light deburring
  • Surface levelling
  • Removal of annealing colours
  • Blending
  • Roughening

Specially designed for surface conditioning, the non-woven web always produces a flawless finish.

Non-woven web NBF 800 – perfect results during metal processing

The non-woven NBF 800 is a superb choice for processing metal in dry and wet grinding applications. Engineered for sanding on stainless steel, it performs equally well on non-ferrous metals.

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