NFS 600 Small abrasive mop for Metals, Stainless steel

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NFS 600 – a small finishing mop for metal and stainless steel

The small finishing mop NFS 600 engineered by Klingspor sets itself apart with an even finish and is a particularly good choice for sanding

  • metal and
  • stainless steel.

The NFS 600 allows the user to produce a uniform finish over the lifetime of the product. This quality makes the small finishing mop the tool of choice for creating a matt or satin finish on metal and stainless steel.

Quality for industry and home use alike

The high-quality non-woven flaps arranged on this small finishing mop deliver outstanding results every time. While designed for industrial applications, the small finishing mop NFS 600 offers a host of benefits to craftsmen and hobby users as well. This brand-name product engineered by Klingspor makes the demanding job of finishing weld seams an absolute breeze. Also intended for the fine sanding of surfaces, the small finishing mop NFS 600 stands out with the even finish it is capable of creating on flat and profiled workpieces alike.

Large product selection

The small finishing mop NFS 600 is available in a variety of finishes. The abrasive can be customised to individual requirements thanks to the available grit sizes ranging from coarse to very fine. The various dimensions for the NFS 600 allow for a range of permissible safe running speeds to suite various machines. The models of the NFS 600 are differentiated by the permissible motor speed and the diameter. Suitable sizes are available for all standard tools. The small finishing mop is furnished with a bonding made of premium synthetic resin. Klingspor uses aluminium oxide for this product as it offers consistent properties due to its synthetic manufacturing process.

Exquisite qualities for a wide range of grinding tasks

The key benefit of Klingspor’s abrasive mop product lies in the flawless quality of their scratch patterns. The small finishing mop NFS 600 perfectly moulds to the shape of the workpiece and makes it possible to process even the most intricate contours. This ability allows it to achieve an even finish every time. In addition, Klingspor offers its customers the proven security of German branded products which have been tested in accordance with the strict oSa guidelines and which comply with the European safety standard EN 13743.

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