QMC 800 Quick Change Discs for Metals, Stainless steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Stainless steel
Filling compound

QMC 800 – Quick Change Disc for light deburring

The Quick Change Discs are the perfect tool for applications on small sanding surfaces. Their pairing with a backing pad that easily clamps into the tool provides for a quick and effortless change of tools. The QMC 800 abrasive discs are ideally equipped for work on surfaces made of metal. They deliver the same excellent performance during light deburring and the removal of rust and paint. The foundation of the Quick Change Disc quick metal connect is formed by a hard non-woven web material that guarantees a long service life. The aluminium oxide grain is bonded by synthetic resin which also contributes to the long lifetime of this product. The particular benefits of the Quick Change Discs quick metal connect:

  • ease of use,
  • quick tool change,
  • short set-up times,
  • effective abrasive performance,
  • wide range of applications on a variety of backing pads,
  • straightforward handling,
  • exceptionally smooth operation,
  • uniform finishes,
  • work without fatiguing.

The fields of application for the QMC 800 Quick Change Disc comprise work on NF metal, stainless steel, and high-alloy steel also varnish, paint and filler.

Use Quick Change Discs with metal locking quickly and safely

The Quick Change Discs quick metal connect need to be paired with a QMC quick connect backing pad. This backing pad is equipped with an interior threaded shaft made of metal. This connector allows you to simply place the abrasive disc on the backing pad and screw it in place with the threaded shaft. This can be done in two simple steps, making the tool change exceptionally quick and easy. Suitable for combination with a wide selection of backing pads, these abrasive discs cover an extensive field of applications. Hard backing pads allow for aggressive grinding with a high removal rate. The advantage of a softer backing pad lies in its greater flexibility. When matched with the perfect backing pad, the Quick Change Discs are ideal for fine sanding and work on profiled surfaces. The extensive selection of grit sizes ranging from coarse to medium and very fine makes it possible refine the work results even further.

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