QCA 555 Adapter for quick change disc backing pad

Quick Change Discs on M 14: Adapter QCA 555 by Klingspor

The adapter QCA 555 makes it possible to use Quick Change Discs on an angle grinder. Klingspor carries the two most common Quick Change Systems, and the adapter QCA 555 can be paired with both:

  • QMC with plastic inside thread (backing pad QMC 555 with metal locking)
  • and QRC with plastic male thread (backing pad QRC 555 with plastic locking).

The Quick Change System allows for the quick mounting of abrasive discs on smaller grinders. If there is only one angle grinder, the backing pad of the Quick Change Disc can easily be used in combination with the QCA 555 adapter.

Quick angle grinder conversion: Thread M 14 to Quick Change Discs

Converting an angle grinder to the Quick Change System is a snap: Simply screw it in, and you are good to go. The compact adapter measures a mere 20 x 30 mm. Its knurled surface lets you screw it in without slipping. The adapter QCA 555 furthermore possesses two flat portions and is tightened using a size 17 spanner. All quick change backing pads of the QMC and QRC series can therefore be paired with any angle grinder that is equipped with an M 14 thread.

Quick change with a system: Quick Change Discs

If using the Quick Change Disc system, you will only have to replace the worn abrasive discs and be able to reuse the backing pad - helping you save cost. Better yet, as the tool change can be completed in seconds, you will also enjoy a savings in time. This is of particular importance during work that requires frequent changes of the abrasive disc. Changing and mounting the abrasive discs is a breeze - and a quick 180 degree turn locks them in place firmly and securely. The backing pads are available in a variety of hardness levels. The hard versions deliver a high removal rate. The soft versions produce a fine scratch pattern and keep intricate surface profiles intact thanks to their flexibility.

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