QMC 411 Quick Change Discs for Stainless steel, Metals

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Grain Zirconia alumina
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Stainless steel
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QMC 411 – Quick Change Disc for stainless steel, metals

The Quick Change Discs with a plastic adapter plus inside thread are marked by their particularly high removal rate, which makes them an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications. The abrasive is suited for different applications and materials including

  • stainless steel and
  • other metals.

The products offered by Klingspor stand out with their easy handling and the option for the user to change abrasive discs with exceptional speed. Their unique qualities make these discs an outstanding choice for hobby craftsmen and professional users alike. Another benefit is the extensive selection of available grit sizes and diameters. This comprehensive selection allows the user to find the disc that matches their particular tool and sanding application best.

High performance thanks to self-sharpening zirconia alumina

The Quick Change Discs with inside thread rely on a self-sharpening zirconia grain and a high-quality synthetic resin bond. This product delivers a high removal rate on such materials as steel and stainless steel. Meanwhile, its aggressive grinding properties allow for a fast work speed. This is why zirconia is the material of choice for professionals. The ease of use and smooth operation of this product ensure that the user will produce uniform finishes and be able to work over long periods without fatiguing.

Compatible with the QMC mounting system with plastic adapter

To mount the abrasive disc of the QMC series, you simply use the inside thread of the plastic adapter to place it on the backing pad before screwing it in place on the backing pad by hand. Klingspor offers a similar product in the “QRC” (Quick Roll Connect) series which can be fixed in place by means of a male thread made of plastic. Both products represent systems that are widely used on the market and provide for secure and dependable attachment on the backing pad. Another plus is that the Quick Change Discs can also be used on any standard angle grinder. Klingspor offers a matching adapter for this purpose.

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